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Exhaust Hood Cleaning Services

Hood Cleaning, Kitchen Hood, Exhaust Fan and Duct Cleaning (aka kitchen exhaust system cleaning)

Cleaning your Kitchen Exhaust System is an important safety precaution for preventing flash fires. Regular cleaning ensures the safety of your customers, employees, and business assets. Not only does it prevent a possible hazardous accident, but also follows fire code requirements.

Your kitchen Exhaust System consists of three main components: The kitchen hood, ductwork, and main exhaust fan. We clean all components beyond what is immediately visible ensuring that all areas are cleaned down to the bare metal. We do this by spraying entire areas with fire-code-approved degreasers, scraping, and steam cleaning. Finally, we place a visible certificate of service as proof of compliance with fire code regulations.

We also provide the following maintenance services:

  • Belt Changing

  • Grease Bearing

  • Part Replacing

Or any other maintenance/repair concerning your Kitchen Hood. Let us keep your exhaust system clean safe and compliant for maximum convenience with minimal disruption to your business.

Ask about our discounted hood cleaning that is included in our bundled services.

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Hydro Jetting Services

Over time oils, grease, and solids (FOG) builds up inside pipelines leading to the blockage of your sewer line. Your restaurant can incur expensive remediation service particularly if there is an overflow. it can also disrupt your operation and can be shut down by the city inspector. Optimal Biofuels offers discounted quarterly hydro jetting service that is included in our bundled services.

Our Hydro Jetting and Plumbing services include:

  • Grease Lines Main

  • Floor Drains

  • Sinks Cleanout

  • Sewer Pumps

  • Rooting

  • Snaking

Ask about our discounted hydro jetting that is included in our bundled services.

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Our pledge to each client is to provide you with the knowledge, tools and expertise to ensure that your pollution control devices are maintained and operating at their maximum efficiencies. We strive to provide each client with the best service in the industry and maximize your returns for your PCU servicing investment.

Our factory trained and certified technicians will maintain your PCUs in a professional manner to prolong and insure optimal working operation as the units were designed, manufactured, approved and installed at your location.

Whether your equipment is an electrostatic precipitator or a filter type unit, whether it includes mechanical or chemical odor control options: we have over 10 years of service experience and we will keep your equipment operating at their optimal factory specifications.


1) We will inspect all Electrostatic Precipitator components from their electrical controls to the high-voltage particle

capture cells to verify that that these cells are functioning as designed. And we will report to client management any irregularities, deficiencies or damages discovered during our service.

2) We will exchange and replace dirty cells with clean cells per agreement with a client.

3) We will inspect the high voltage cables that supply the operating currents from the power packs to the cells.

4) We will inspect and clean impact filters regularly.

5) We will inspect all ESP self-cleaning components and programming for their function and efficiency and report this status to a client. We will make any timing and/or setting adjustments necessary to this self-cleaning process with prior client approval.


1) We will inspect and report the condition all components of client's filter type PCU system from their controls to

their various filters to verify that the filter system is functioning as designed. Our report to the client will include any irregularities, deficiencies or damages to the system.

2) Our filter replacement frequencies will be determined over several site inspections, and with client approval,

based upon kitchen production volume, we will replace the primary, secondary and tertiary filters as necessary and approved.

3) We will inspect and report the status of motor controls, exhaust fan motors and exhaust fan belts.


1) We will inspect, report and replace mechanical odor control media as required and approved by client

2) We will inspect, report and replace chemical odor liquids as required and approved by a client.

3) We will dispose of your expired odor control media in a safe, proper and environmentally friendly manner.


--Clean UV emitter modules.

-- All UV electrical components will be protected from water and chemicals

--Plenums are to be soaked with chemicals and pressure washed with hot water.

--All hood canopies will be cleaned and polished.

--Cleaning services will meet or exceed NFPA96, and OSHA SAFETY standards for Kitchen exhaust system cleaning.

--Clean UV system housing and back sides of mesh filters

--Clean access doors and lock handles

--replace UV tubes if needed.

--Inspect and test all electrical contact and wiring harnesses

--Inspect and test all safety switches and pressure switches

--Spraying ductwork, and main exhaust fan with degreasers and take before and after photos

--Scraping and steam ductwork, and main exhaust fan and take before and after photos

-- Before and after photos will be taken of all work done including inside of the hood plenum.

These Services are usually performed every 30 days or as needed.

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