Hydro Jetting/Plumbing

Hydro jetting is a method used by professional plumbing contractors to clean clogged or slow sewage lines. A blast of water at high pressure is sent into the lines that will usually remove blockages and build-up. Hydro jetting systems normally use about 4000 psi, which works very effectively.

A video inspection should be performed first to determine the cause and location of the problem. If tree roots are a problem, the high pressure should cut through them. However, a snake may need to be used first to tear up heavy roots. Hydro jetting will not solve problems with broken pipes and could cause weakened areas to break. In addition, a video inspection can reduce the possibility of sewage back flushing into other areas.

For residential work, hydro jetting can remove sand, silt, and scale build-up as well as hair clogs and other residues that build upon the walls of the pipes. Routine hydro jetting should be done in restaurants to remove grease and food particle build-up. This type of service can completely clean pipes of residual build-up in ways that snaking can not.

Snaking out pipes only breaks up the clogs but leaves build up remaining on the interior walls. Hydro jetting is also environmentally friendly, no harsh chemicals are needed.


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