Cooking Oil Recycling Los Angeles

Optimal Biofuels, Inc. has almost a decade of positive industry experience assisting our clients in various industries such as large commercial and industrial kitchens, restaurants, commercial co-working kitchens, grocery stores, hotels, shopping centers, malls, and more. As always our team is dedicated to earning your business or continuing to serve you with only the best service.

Amongst the services we provide we specialize in used cooking oil recycling in Los Angeles. We know that every business and client has different needs and we cater our services specifically to your needs and your business’ schedule. Your account manager will work with you to figure out what pick-up schedule works for you and help you if you’re looking to install an outdoor bin or indoor bin. Optimal provides standard 45gal, 75gal, and 130-gallon bins along with larger or custom bin sizes to cover any requirement you might have.

Optimal Biofuels is licensed and permitted by the State of California to collect and transport grease and oil waste from the appropriate and allowed pick up sites and safely dispose of them. We collect oil types such as; fish oil, palm oil, lard, canola oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, grape-seed oil, peanut oil, vegetable oil, and more. We are available for both scheduled and on-demand pick used oil collection pick-ups. Additionally in keeping with company policy and our eco-friendly promise. we strictly recycle the oil we pick up in the use of biofuels (reflected in our company name!). We’d be honored to earn your business please call us at 1-877-702-3835.


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