Grease Trap Cleaning Los Angeles

Optimal Biofuels, Inc. has almost a decade of industry experience and trustworthy business practices assisting our clients in various industries such as large industrial kitchens, restaurants, commercial co-working kitchens, grocery stores, hotels, shopping centers, malls, and more. Optimal’s team is dedicated to earning your business or continuing to serve you with only the best service.

Our services in Los Angeles include grease trap cleaning, a process by which our team will cleanly remove the grease out of traps along with wastewater from interceptor systems and safely dispose of the waste through eco-friendly methods while also following all regulations and city ordinances. At Optimal Biofuels we pride ourselves on our quality of service, we make sure we remove all grease and accumulation.

Providing regular scheduled servicing to grease traps and interceptors prevents the build-up of solid waste, grease, and oil. This will stop potentially expensive clogs and odors from becoming a problem for your business. Optimal’s promise and commitment to all our clients is to provide a higher level of customer service with below-market prices which we are able to accomplish because of our strong foothold in the industry.


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