Exhaust Hood Cleaning

Keeping your employees out of harm's way and in compliance are among the two most important things in a kitchen. A commonplace where grease can build up and ignite a fire is inside of your kitchen hood exhaust system. An exhaust hood cleaning in Los Angeles is a great way to reduce your risk and keep your kitchen clean.

In addition to exhaust hood cleaning in Los Angeles, there are many other ways to clean your exhaust/hood and stay in compliance with all of the health codes and city ordinances. Our team at Optimal Biofuels recommends frequent switching of grease filters alongside exhaust hood cleanings. A further step you can take to ensure the cleanliness of your equipment is steam cleanings in Los Angeles.

At Optimal Biofuels we want to make sure you’re getting quality service and value, regardless of the size of your business/kitchen. We’ll sit down and work with you to find an exhaust hood cleaning schedule that works. We aim to build a long-term working relationship with new clients, we believe you shouldn’t over-clean or overpay for services that your business doesn’t need. Our exhaust hood cleaning in Los Angeles is done by our trained and skilled techs for nearly a decade.

Why should you choose Optimal Biofuels for your Exhaust Hood Cleaning in Los Angeles?

Optimal Biofuels, Inc. has almost a decade of positive industry experience assisting our clients in various industries:

  • Large Commercial and Industrial Kitchens

  • Restaurants

  • Commercial Co-Working Kitchens

  • Grocery Stores

  • Hotels

  • Shopping Centers

  • Malls

  • and More

As always our team is dedicated to earning your business or continuing to serve you with only the best service. Call us at +1 (877) 702 - 3835 to speak to an Optimal rep and schedule your next Exhaust Hood Cleaning Service in Los Angeles, California.


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