Recycle Used Cooking Oil Los Angeles

Restaurants are required to dispose of used cooking oil and grease properly, this involves scheduling pick-ups by a licensed grease/oil collection hauler. Used cooking oil can build up and lead to eventual big-ticket issues in a kitchen’s drain pipes, plumbing, and city sewage line. Issues involve clogging, unsanitary backups, and odors coming from drain pipes. In effect, used cooking oil has to be picked up and disposed of properly and within the regulations set by the government. This is not only a health and safety concern but also an eco-friendly guideline so that restaurants aren’t dumping waste oil into our oceans.

Every kitchen needs to recycle used cooking oil in Los Angeles and Optimal Biofuels specializes in used recycling used cooking oil for the purposes of biodiesel. Once we have collected your waste oil, we then begin the process of repurposing it into biofuel. We pride ourselves on your nearly decade-long commitment and reputation to improve our environment and reduce the carbon footprint of our Los Angeles community.

Our service provides a trusted source for Los Angeles businesses to recycle their used cooking oil, as always we are dedicated to providing a higher level of value and reliability for this necessary service in our community. Optimal Biofuels works with small businesses, corporate restaurants, hotels, shopping centers, and even malls to make sure we’re keeping Los Angeles clean and eco-friendly!

Just take a look at our company name! Optimal Biofuels recycles used cooking oil into biodiesel used by:

  • Domestic and international petroleum distributors

  • Federal, state, and local government fleets

  • Commercial fleets

  • Maritime fleets


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