Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning

When it comes to reducing the risk of the grease igniting inside your kitchen exhaust system and causing a fire, a kitchen exhaust hood cleaning by Optimal Biofuels located locally in Los Angeles CA is a good place to start. However, it should by no means be the only tactic you use to clean your exhaust system. For best results, frequent kitchen exhaust hood cleanings and grease filter replacements should be used in conjunction with semi-annual steam cleanings. Optimal Biofuels can help you with all of these services for a truly comprehensive approach to removing grease and preventing fires.

Benefits of Kitchen Exhaust Hood Cleaning Los Angeles CA

During a kitchen exhaust hood cleaning in Los Angeles CA, a qualified technician from Optimal Biofuels will hand-scrape as much grease as humanly possible off of the interior and exterior of your exhaust hood. The main reason to do this is to prevent grease buildup from getting so hot during cooking that it actually ignites inside your exhaust system. A secondary benefit is that a thorough scraping will help reduce odors trapped in that sticky, greasy layer.

Why Choose Optimal Biofuels

At Optimal Biofuels, we have what it takes to deliver a superior kitchen exhaust hood cleaning. Hire us and you will get the benefit of our:

Your kitchen Exhaust System consists of three main components: The kitchen hood, ductwork, and main exhaust fan. We clean all components beyond what is immediately visible ensuring that all areas are cleaned down to the bare metal. We do this by spraying entire areas with fire-code-approved degreasers, scraping, and steam cleaning. Finally, we place a visible certificate of service as proof of compliance with fire code regulations.

We also provide the following maintenance services:

  • Belt Changing

  • Grease Bearing

  • Part Replacing

Or any other maintenance/repair concerning your Kitchen Hood. Let us keep your exhaust system clean safe and compliant for maximum convenience with minimal disruption to your business.


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