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Grease Collection Los Angeles

Grease Collection Los Angeles

        You have a lot of other worries running a restaurant like preparing and serving quality food, making sure your patrons are satisfied and have a great experience. You need to follow all health and safety codes and make sure everything is running smoothly. What you aren’t required to be an expert is the safe removal of industrial waste from your kitchen, that’s where we come in! 

    Grease traps are required in order to prevents grease, oil, and fats from entering into the city’s main sewage line. In order to stay within all safety regulations grease traps must be maintained and undergo regular cleanings.

        Among the many problems that can arise from grease traps some of the most common are odors coming from the grease build up, risk of fires igniting, and fines.

        Let our team at Optimal Biofuels help you out, our trained technicians will cleanly remove all the grease from your traps alongside any waste water from the interceptor system for our restaurant grease collection in Los Angeles service.

        Optimal Biofuels makes a promise to each and every client we sign on to continually provide only the utmost quality of service. We have a checklist system that makes sure we remove all accumulation in our grease collection services in Los Angeles.


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