Waste Oil Recycling

Our used oil recycling program provides you with free containers, free service . Optimal Biofuels offers the standard 130 to 300 gallon oil bins with pick up frequencies of once every 21 days or more if needed. We also offer our preferred inside oil Bins  .They are approved by all health departments in California. They are sealed, safe and odor free. They hold 55 or 78 gallons, depending on which one you pick.

Establised in 2008, We service over 1,200 Restaurants, 25 food courts and 36 Hotels in Southern California with professional, clean , and on time service.

If oil Bins are full, we will do a pick up within 24 hours of you contacting us and any used oil spills will be cleaned up immediately by our staff. 


Optimal Biofuels would convert all the waste vegetable cooking oil removed from your restaurants into Biodiesel. Studies done by the EPA show a 67%

drop in unburned hydrocarbons, a 47% drop in particulate matter, and a 48% drop in Carbon Monoxide when Biodiesel is used verses regular Diesel fuel.