Optimal Biofuels is proud to offer B-100 Biodiesel in California, Texas, and Florida .

All of our Biodiesel is produced by ASTMD certified plants in United States.The majority of the feedstock we use to make the Biodiesel is Yellow Grease. However we do offer Biodiesel made from other vegetable oils such as Jatropha oil, Palm oil and Soybean oil.

We also offer blends of Biodiesel ranging from B-5 to B-99. We take pride in the quality of our products and guarantee the lowest prices in the above mentioned 3 States.

Biodiesel is a leading source of renewable clean energy. Studies done by the EPA show a 20% drop in unburned hydrocarbons, a 12% drop in particulate matter, and a 12% drop in Carbon Monoxide when a B-20 blend is used verses regular diesel fuel.  The emission reductions increase with the percentage of higher blends of Biodiesel.

We believe we can protect our planet and help our nation reduce the dependence on foreign oil. 


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