Myths Associated with Biodiesel

As biodiesel is a relatively new, innovative fuel source, there are some inherent skepticisms about its sustainability and validity. However, in our previous posts, we have discussed the urgency in promoting this type of energy by transforming used cooking oil into a more ecofriendly fuel. As we dispel the top five myths, ensure your restaurant is equipped with an Alhambra Used Cooking Oil Collection regimen.

Myth #1- Biodiesel has not Been Adequately Tested.
According to Berkeley Bio Diesel, biodiesel is one of the most methodically tested alternative energy sources that are available today. While it performs similar to standard petrol, its carbon emissions and other environmental benefits are far superior.

Myth #2- Existing Biodiesel is not Regulated
False. In fact, there are numerous regulations and standards that need to be met which are enforced by the ASTM. The quality and specifications have been constantly monitored for the last fifteen years.

Myth #3- Modern Biodiesel is Incompatible with Existing Diesel Tanks
New vehicles' engine emission systems are easily modified to accommodate biofuel blends up to at least B5.

Myth #4- Biodiesel Production will Increase Global Warming
Biodiesel burns an estimated 60-80 percent cleaner than its fossil fuel counterparts. This means that a significantly smaller amount of carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere upon burning, which ultimately leads to global warming. What's more, no additional land needs to be destroyed in order to produce biofuel as it can be created from the existing crops.

Myth #5- Biodiesel Causes Increased Food Costs
Biodiesel is able to be produced from a variety of materials such as used cooking oil, fats, plant oils and algae. Therefore, it is one of the most diverse and sustainable fuel types available and will not compromise food availability or price.

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