McDonald's Grease Trap Overflow

In recent news, a grease trap at a Michigan McDonald's has overflowed into the surrounding street. As this is a common concern among restaurants, ensure your Anaheim Grease Trap Service is scheduled regularly for maintenance.
The grease trap located at a McDonald's in Milan, Michigan overflowed last month, causing partial street closure. The trap, located underneath the building, was said to have been serviced a few weeks prior to the incident, which is regularly scheduled every two months. As the grease flowed out of the containers, it seeped into the nearby street, causing passing cars to pollute the parking lot and road.

City officials closed a portion of Dexter St. immediately after the overflow was spotted. Bob Stevens, Milan Area Fire Chief stated "When it puddled, vehicles were moving through, tracking the grease out of the parking lot onto the roadway."

According to M Live, the southbound lanes of Dexter St. needed to be blocked as the slick road created safety hazards for motorists. However, Stevens assured that the temporary road closure was cleared after a mere two hours.

General Manager of the McDonald's claimed she was unsure of the cause of the grease trap overflow and appointed workers to wash down the affected area with hot, soapy water and degreaser until the professional cleaning crew arrived.

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