Los Angeles and Orange County Restaurant Hood Cleaning

There is absolutely no difference between kitchen exhaust cleaning in Los Angeles than in any other part of California. Once is done correctly. OptimalBioFuel kitchen cleaning Hood and Fire Safety serviced has clients all throughout Los Angeles and Orange county, we thought it only appropriate to make sure Southern California restaurants and commercial kitchens were full aware of our services.We’re pretty well known in the other boroughs, especially in Anaheim, Irvine and Newport Beach

Kitchen Hood Cleaning

Our exhaust leaning services are absolutely is the best and fastest in Southern California. Unlike many of our competitors, we don’t just clean by hand. That’s part of the job for certain, but we also bring in high pressure hot water power washers as well. These are commercial grade steam cleaners that get deeper into your vents and hoods than just hand washing, which does not get all the grease and grime produced by your kitchen.

Our crews  is not only certified by  IKECA  and are experienced and professional . They  leave your kitchen like new. We’ll clean out the grease traps and empty all grease containers. You’ll also get free waste oil pickups. Rather than disposing your grease into the environment, we take it to be recycled ( Biofuel services - Green environment ) . In fact, we recycle as much as we can.

Violations Removed

OptimalBioFuel know compliance and safety is your number one concern. We’re certified to remove your violations and keep your kitchen in full compliance with the city, state and other agencies. We’ll even make sure the paperwork is filed correctly.

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At Optimal Biofuels, we understand the importance of properly maintaining your sewage lines to promote the best business practices. We are proud to announce our discounted hydro jetting services when completed quarterly, along with other bundled policies. To learn more about our services, contact us today at (877) 702-3835.


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