How Important is Proper Used Cooking Oil Disposal?

Today it is a standard practice that all restaurants have a dedicated vessel for dumping their waste oil. Normally this vessel is located in a dumpster area that is sloped to a waste drain. Unfortunately, some restaurant staff are not aware of the impact that improper disposal has on restaurant property and the environment as a whole. Violations such as no waste oil bin or dumping part of dirty oil directly down sink drains is not uncommon. In addition, some of these drains also function as a storm drain, meaning that the introduction of cooking oil increases the possibility of contaminating groundwater or causing disease-spreading sewage backups in the restaurant itself. To encourage proper LA Used Cooking Oil Disposal, we offer pickup services and a waste containers to properly store your used materials for free.

The costs of improper disposal methods are high. According to The Washington Post, a disgusting 10-ton massive “fatberg” weighing nearly as much as a school bus was recently discovered in a London sewer. The cause of these “fatbergs” was residents dumping their used cooking oil down the drain, where it congealed after hitting cold water and simply grew over time. This one was so large that it broke the almost 70 years old sewer. Repairs were projected to cost the city of London $600,000, and take two months, the Guardian reported.

Fortunately, many restaurants are looking to reduce their environmental footprint. We are surprised to learn that environmental sustainability ranks the 3rd on the top trend out of 198 according to a new survey from the National Restaurant Association.

Further, used cooking oil can be repurposed into biodiesel fuel, which burns much cleaner than fossil fuels and produces no adverse impact on global warming. Still, it’s important for restaurant owners to ensure that the area where the container is stored does not contain a storm drain. The focus should be spill prevention during used oil transport, and also in the event that spills occur, they should be cleaned up quickly using best practices.

In order to succeed in the path to environmental sustainability, restaurants must work diligently with vendor partners. The two shall constantly communicate and innovate, helping to promote widespread greener practices across the industry. At Optimal Biofuels, sustainability is our core value. We challenge ourselves and our customers as leaders of the industry to make the largest impact. To learn more about our services such as Grease Interceptor pumping, Grease Trap Cleaning , Exhaust Hood Cleaning Los Angeles, and Used Cooking Oil Removal Los Angeles, contact our specialists today at (877) 702-3835.


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