Going Green: How Biodiesel Reduces our Carbon Footprint

In today’s health conscious society, we are constantly reevaluating what it means to “go green” and reinventing old traditions to maintain a healthier lifestyle. While most industries are experiencing some pressure to comply with modern ways, the energy industry is pushing forward. With the use of vegetable oil waste, biodiesel is able to be produced in place of fossil fuels. To contribute to this movement, don’t hesitate to schedule your regular Used Cooking Oil Alhambra pick up.

Creating biofuel such as biodiesel from these products is considered “carbon neutral”. These materials are derived from animal fats, trees, plants, and micro-organisms- all of which are organic. These can be gathered from grease trap collectors in restaurants, hotels, and other hospitality facilities who use cooking oil. While some critics believe the process to be a contributor to our carbon footprint, the rendering process is actually the contrary. For example, any emissions resulting from these fuels  is not adding any additional carbon to the atmosphere that wasn’t present in the first place. To put it simply: the carbon that biodiesel contains is already apart of the ecosystem.

However, traditional ways of managing fossil fuels has a more negative impact. Fossil fuels emit additional carbon into the atmosphere when they are extracted from the ground and converted into energy.

Because animal fats and oils are already apart of the ecosystem and existing carbon cycle, the production of biofuel through these materials is considered “carbon neutral.” Further, using these materials is economically beneficial. According to the Department of Energy, 3.2 units of energy were gained for each unit of fossil fuel that was used to produce biodiesel. What’s more, biodiesel has been named the cheapest alternative form of fuel by the Department of Agriculture and the Congressional Budget Office.

At Optimal Biofuels, we are committed to aiding the world’s energy process in becoming  more environmentally friendly. We are proud to offer complimentary used cooking oil removal services to promote our mission, as well as other maintenance offerings. For more information about how biodiesel benefits the environment, as well as how we can serve your restaurant’s needs, contact us today at 877-702-3835.


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