Global Sway to Biofuel Use

The impacts of biodiesel usage can be seen nationwide. In recent news, a methane powered tractor is being developed in Italy. The tractor, powered by farm waste, is set to be in production within five years. In order to donate your used organic waste, schedule your restaurant's Alhambra Used Cooking Oil Collection Service.
Corn and grain from Luca Remmert's Northern Italy farm in Turin is used to generate power for the tractor. The 1,100 acre farm has been testing a prototype called T6, which was created by New Holland Agriculture. Once it is on the market, it will be the first of its kind running on 100 percent methane.
While this may be an environmentally sound idea, it is also cost efficient, as well. According The New York Times, methane costs approximately 30 percent less than fossil fuels. What's more, farms that produce the methane biofuel on their land employ used organic waste- something that is quite common among the farming industry. The pollution rates for these machines is an estimated 80 percent less than a diesel tractor and would therefore reduce pollution 20 percent in Europe over the next five years.
This development will be beneficial to a variety of farms, particularly those in developed farms that wish to increase profit margins on food production with biofuel use.  
The upfront costs of machinery required to produce biomethane is posing an issue for the implementation of this tactic among many farms. Although European financial incentives are plausible, 3,000 square kilometers are lost per year due to financial struggle. To remedy the issue, many farmers are shifting from cattle and livestock farming to biofuel production in order to sustain their businesses.
Remmert, owner of La Bellota farm, states that his farm generates enough power to sustain 10,000 homes per year. If one farm can promote this much power, the implementation of these machines can generate power nationwide at an astounding rate.
At Optimal Biofuels, we are committed to the production of biofuel to promote sustainability for futures to come. We are proud to offer various bundled offerings in addition to our complimentary used cooking oil collection service. In order to contribute your organic waste to the movement, contact our specialists today at (877) 702-3835.


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