EPA Calls for Increased Biodiesel Volumes

The U.S. EPA proposed for the National Biodiesel Board to increase its volume under the Renewable Fuel Standard Act (RFS). July 27th marked the last day that agencies and supporters were permitted to submit comments on the pending rule, the majority of which are supportive. As more and more biodiesel material is needed, don't hesitate to regularly schedule your Los Angeles Used Cooking Oil Collection Service.
The National Biodiesel Board (NBB) cited the increased growth capacity in the industry and the associated benefits in the RFS with its goal to boost volume. The NBB's official statement said "Today, nearly 2 billion gallons of biodiesel and renewable diesel displace an equivalent amount of petroleum diesel. This has resulted in significant reductions in pollution and greenhouse gas emissions, while creating thousands of jobs and millions of dollars in economic impact across the nation."
As nearly every state nationwide is contributing eligible waste material to the biodiesel efforts, the program is exceeding the expectations that congress set in the RFS. In turn, this has resulted in an increased volume initiative.
Thirty-six senators have already proposed for increased biodiesel volumes in addition to the overwhelming biodiesel support letters on the proposal.
In relation to the updated RFS draft, NBB's vice president of federal affairs Anne Steckel reassured “We have presented credible, compelling reasons for increasing biodiesel use under the RFS, and we hope the EPA carefully reviews our comments and those of thousands of other biodiesel supporters who have weighed in.”
The EPA proposal, said to be finalized in November, would increase biodiesel volumes by 100 million gallons per year, capping at approximately 1.9 billion gallons by 2017.
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