Deep Fried Holidays? We Can Help

Over 4th of July weekend, America celebrated its 239th birthday! As we continue to celebrate our
nation's birthday and all of its renowned edible treats,  it is historically assumed that everything
tastes better when battered, fried and eaten off a stick. Americans have long had a love affair
with fried foods. It is said that fried fish was also a staple of Catholic homes and southern
breakfast menus which is why county and state fairs have traditionally featured a wide range of
greasy goodies- everything from traditional favorites such as corn dogs and funnel cakes to recent arrivals like chocolate covered bacon and jalapeño ice cream. Given the recent fried food jubilee and the oil restaurants used to accommodate the holiday, schedule your Anaheim Grease Trap Removal Services to avoid sewage build-up and potential overflow.

The Daily News reminds us that this deep fried frenzy comes back more each year. Today we'll pretty much deep fry anything, the crazier the better. During holiday season, anything with a hot oil make-over is likely to become the most popular items on a restaurant's menu. Can you imagine how much damage would be caused if all this used cooking oil and grease are not properly treated? This is why the importance of regularly cleaning the grease trap and interceptor can never be understated.

 Optimal Biofuels services restaurants and food producers across Greater Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. All of our grease trap/interceptor cleaner specialists undergo regular training so that they remain current on the latest techniques and current legal requirements for grease trap cleaning. For more information on our complimentary used cooking oil collection, as well as our grease trap services, contact us today at (877) 702-3835.


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