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posted Sep 7, 2015, 1:52 PM by David Khorram   [ updated Mar 13, 2017, 4:06 PM by Sallar Khorram ]

WHY HOOD STEAM CLEANING, Experience with sense of absolute filth and the distinct bad feeling!

We had a very bad experience recently going to a local restaurant in Irvine California.We decided to write about it and let reader know what hat is hood cleaning and why is it so important for a restaurant?

We can reference mandates, fire safety stats and health risks, but We believe the best way to illustrate this point is to start with a short story .

Recently my family and I were driving around Irvine, California , we spotted a quaint little chinese or Korean restaurant which we had never noticed. We decided to be adventurous and experimental and find out see how good the food was . We are part of Locals.Best entreperneur team and we seek finding the bets palace and best businesses. The exterior was nice warm, bright and inviting so they certainly was a good welcome sign.

However, We realized we were in trouble after few minute. The problem was being greeted by smell and a sense of filth and the clear feeling that this place hadn’t been cleaned or dusted since it opened.

In Locals.Best we are committed to supporting a local businesses, we decided to give it a chance. After all, appearances can be misleading and were sure there was a perfectly logical explanation.

I am personally not picky and generally have no issues consuming things like three day old food left on a counter, but this place made my skin crawl and redefined “dirty” for me.

We simply had to leave.

I highly suggest restaurant owners read food poisoning articles in or just search for “Food Poisoning Cases” in Google which highlights the fact that the 10 largest cases of food poisoning was responsible for making over 1,000 people sick in 45 states. Restaurants need to maintain a certain level of cleanliness to stay in business and of course serve food safe to consume. An often overlooked area is one of the most critical to maintaining a healthy and contaminant free environment. The duct work in the kitchen.

In restaurant kitchens, whenever food is cooked, it is done under an air exhaust duct with a fan. This system is known as the hood or exhaust . The main purpose of the hood is to remove smoke, heat, grease, steam vapors and other toxic off gases from the cooking process.

Even though grease filters are installed to capture the grease from the vapor, grease can still accumulate in the hood duct work. This is why duct and hood cleaning is so important (most people use these anonymously when they are talking about cleaning kitchen hoods:
  1. Duct cleaning
  2. Hood cleaning
  3. Steam cleaning
  4. Exhaust cleaning and;
  5. vent cleaning 
  6. Hood filter exchange 
While there are niches and broader meanings for each term, we do not want to be too detail 

In some cases, owners are unaware of the importance of frequent exhaust duct cleaning and if ignored, many serious problems, some life threatening, can and will develop over time. Just watch a couple of episodes of Restaurant Impossible. Chef Robert Irvine tries to turn around restaurants across America that are facing an impending demise if things don't improve.
Nightmares” and food safety will forever shape your view of the dining out experience.

Here are four reasons why it is imperative to set up and maintain a kitchen and vent cleaning schedule.

Best Practice

Being clean and attracting customer is a no brainier. If your restaurant is not and do not look clean. You need to change your profession or get it clean fast.

Food Safety

Bacteria such as e.coli, campylobacter and everyone’s favorite, salmonella love to throw parties on undercooked meat – and that includes chicken.

Heat Build Up

If potentially unsafe foods and fires aren’t reason enough, yet another unintended consequence from inadequate cleaning is heat build up. The result of infrequent duct cleaning is having a partially clogged, inefficient exhaust duct struggling to funnel away heat that can now build up in the kitchen. Kitchens are warm enough with grills and various elements generating heat – but when you ratchet the temperature up a degree or two, it means chilled food and ingredients are now even more susceptible to mold, fungus, and bacteria.


Since you are in a research mode, now search for “Restaurant fires due to grease” in Google. No, I don’t want to keep you awake at night thinking about this stuff but I do want to make you aware of how dangerous grease build up can be. Duct cleaning is extremely important for many reasons and the second most important is the prevention of fire.

Duct cleaning on a regular basis is vitally important to the health of patrons and the success of a restaurant. Once you purchase a duct cleaner, use it on a regular basis and you will keep both customers and employees safe and happy. Or if you choose not to do it yourself, hire a professional contractor to do so.


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